COMMUNITY engagement

community engagement

RPA Hospital serves all communities including the local Gadigal, Wangal and Bedigal clans within the District that are three of the twenty-nine clans of the great Eora Nation.

The Integrated Project Team recognises Aboriginal people, their strong connection to Country and their enduring culture and experience; it is deeply committed to reflecting Aboriginal culture and heritage in all phases of planning, design and delivery of the RPA Hospital Redevelopment.

The Integrated Project Team has commenced engagement with a number of local Aboriginal groups and stakeholders, which will continue throughout the design and delivery of the redevelopment.

Ongoing Aboriginal consultation for the RPA Hospital Redevelopment includes:
  • Connecting and designing with Country through engagement and co-design with Aboriginal stakeholders and communities
  • Assessment and management of local Aboriginal cultural heritage values through collaboration and engagement with Aboriginal stakeholders and communities 
  • Development and delivery of the Aboriginal Health Impact Statement to ensure the redevelopment assists with ‘Closing the Gap’ in health and equity between Aboriginal people and the community.
To learn more about Aboriginal involvement in the RPA Hospital Redevelopment or to register your interest in becoming involved, please email

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