design excellence

RPA campus

A Design Excellence Competition was recently undertaken on the RPA Redevelopment to enhance the design of the new hospital building and facilities.

Design excellence is a term used to describe the outcome of high quality architectural, urban, place and landscape design.

With a focus on connecting to RPA’s strong identity and connection to culture, history and heritage and providing opportunities for landscape and urban space at the campus, the design excellence process will seek to improve the physical structure and urban environment of the RPA Campus, improving the overall experience for RPA’s patients, staff, visitors and community.

To achieve design excellence, the RPA Redevelopment was supported by a Design Excellence Strategy that was delivered in accordance with the NSW Government Architect’s Better Placed Strategy and Design Excellence Competition Guidelines.

The design excellence process identified an optimal design concept for the redevelopment that addresses the hospital’s clinical priorities, while delivering excellent design and place making outcomes for staff, visitors and patients of RPA. Click here to read more about the Design Excellence Competition. 

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA) has a long history of working in partnership with our community to deliver excellent health services.



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