partnering with consumers

Partnering with consumers

RPA Hospital has a long history of working in partnership with our community. This will be central to communication and engagement activities during the RPA Redevelopment. The RPA Redevelopment considers and reflects the needs of the community that it serves. Staff, consumer and community involvement in the redevelopment is an essential part of the planning, design and delivery process.

Some of the groups we have engaged to date include:
  • RPA Hospital staff and clinicians
  • Patients, carers and consumer groups
  • Local Aboriginal communities
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse communities
  • Major research institutions and education providers
  • Precinct partners
  • Government agencies
  • Associations, business chambers and interest groups
  • Local residents and businesses
  • General public.  
Some of the engaging activities to date include:
  • A range of stakeholder forums have been established to ensure broad-reaching, inclusive and culturally sensitive engagement occurs with key stakeholder groups and users, that are integral to the RPA Redevelopment.
  • Extensive consultation was undertaken by RPA Hospital with a range of stakeholders between 2018-20 to support the pre-planning phase of the Project with the development of a Clinical Services Plan.
  • Project User Groups (PUGs), consumer consultation and collaboration with key government agencies, services providers, precinct partners and stakeholders has been the key focus of consultation throughout 2021 and continue through 2022. 
Consultation is currently underway to inform specific planning and design elements and will continue as planning for the redevelopment progresses. Consultation with local residents and the general public commenced in 2022, with feedback carefully considered to inform the redevelopment.

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA) has a long history of working in partnership with our community to deliver excellent health services.  

Once construction starts, stakeholders and the community will be kept informed of the redevelopment, including the potential impact and mitigation of construction activities, throughout the project lifecycle.