Community input into the planning, design and delivery of the $940 million RPA Hospital Redevelopment is essential to create a welcoming facility that meets the healthcare needs of the community that RPA Hospital serves, well into the future.

Since the beginning of March 2020, the RPA Hospital Redevelopment has actively engaged with our staff, consumers, community and local stakeholders to ensure we are building a hospital that meets healthcare needs of the district and is design to make everyone feel safe, welcome, and comfortable.

The project will continue to engage with and seek consultation with staff, consumers and the community to understand the needs of our services and departments and ensure the hospital is purpose built to meet the growing healthcare needs of everyone who connects with RPA.

For more information on our engagement to date and the feedback we have received, please read the Outcomes Reports.

There are a range of ways you can have your say on the RPA Redevelopment:

Community members are invited to email ideas, suggestions and feedback on the redevelopment to

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